​from the organist - James D. Hildreth

      Once again I want to thank you and all of your team for the excellent work 
  you have done at Broad Street Presbyterian Church, now that the project has 
  been completed. The new digital voices (of the Positiv division) add significantly

  to the overall sound as well as providing a multitude of new possibilities for color

  and registration. They really sound wonderful! The same can be said for the new 
  pipe ranks and the judicious duplexing. In short, all of the tonal and 
  physical designs and improvements have met or exceeded expectations, and 
  certainly the entire project has given us way more than we originally asked 
  for. Our Music Committee Chair said last Sunday that he is "so glad we have 
  done this." Our pastor Amy and administrator Cheryl have been particularly 
  impressed (as have I) by the honorable way in which you have conducted the 
  business end of the project, displaying integrity and generosity, as well as 
  the courteousness and respectful demeanor of the entire crew . I have been 
  especially impressed observing the crew's teamwork. Each person on the 
  Schlueter team is skilled and dedicated, yet without large egos that would 
  prevent the best results that come from cooperative endeavor. The work, 
  whether in the physical, tonal, or digital/electronic aspects, has been 
  meticulous and thorough. No cutting of corners! The crew is not only gifted, 
  each is also a genuinely nice person, and I am grateful for the new 
        friendships formed. I look forward to our future interactions!

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